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Smug. That Smug. Not Gums, Smug.

Intro Text Edit

Smug is a green kirby who comes from a dimension of weirdness and insanity.

Backstory Edit

Smug was created to kill everything (except his creators) in sight. When 2 people broke into the lab, they took the things that they would use to kill everyone, including Smug. Those 2 people trained Smug to be a hero.

Versus TaroulelionEdit

Smug (Named Shinymew05) found a place called YouTube. He decided to watch Nintendo Videos. When he looked at the comments, Taroulelion was trolling on the videos. He countertrolled Taroulelion and won.

A place called Smackjeeves Edit

While Smug was on an adventure, he saw a place called Smackjeeves. He decided to go there and stay for a bit, known by Smugleafdoofus3. He joined a terrible comic called Voices of the Voiceless and met BlueyKid (Now known as Super Bluey.) and told him about a troll called Taroulelion. After that, they became friends.

Evergrowing community of Smug Edit

Smug plans to find other websites and join them.

List of account names Edit

ROBLOX: ssbmfan111 YouTube (first account): Shinymew05 Smackjeeves: Smugleafdoofus3 YouTube (account split 1): FuckYouTaroulelion YouTube (account split 2): Shinymew052 Minecraft (haven't bought account yet...): Shinymew05

Smug's friends Edit

His friends are Super Bluey, tarkanix, and other people.

Smug's enemies Edit

His enemies are Advertisement, (There is actually a Smackjeeves user named Advertisement.) Dill Pickle, Goonther, Gums, Trolls and vandalizers.

Smug's theme Edit

Mother 3 Music Serious Extended

Mother 3 Music Serious Extended